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Avoiding Blowouts

Blowout games are contrary to the philosophies of AYSO (Player Development and Good Sportsmanship), and coaches should work to avoid blowouts (any game with a 5-goal differential is considered a blowout). Blowouts are a failure of the coach to plan ahead and properly manage the game. Do not let a blowout destroy the players experience.

The game is most fun when it is challenging. With the right management strategies, an otherwise lopsided, boring game can be managed to be close, and without asking players to hold back. Coaches should recognize possible blowout situations early and make the necessary adjustments to keep the game fun for EVERYONE.

Below are some general concepts on how to handle blowouts.


  • Emphasize division appropriate advanced tactics.
  • Encourage the other teams's players when you see something done well.
  • Rotate player positions, assign goal-scorers to positions on defense (substitute out goal scores).
  • Pick a player that has never scored, team must work to allow this player to score.
  • Team must complete seven consecutive passes prior to trying to score.
  • Everyone must touch the ball before trying to score.
  • Have the team play back to their own goalkeeper at least once prior to going forward.
  • Shots must be taken from outside the penalty area.
  • All shots must come from the weaker foot.
  • Pull a player.
  • Bring the goalkeeper forward.
  • Recognize and make adjustments EARLY.


  • Focus on what you are doing right and not what you are doing wrong.
  • Motivation begins with you, the coach.
  • Emphasize skill development.
  • Encourage parents and spectators to applaud good play when it happens despite the score.
  • Concentrate on basic drill ideas during the game (e.g. 3 passes in a row).
  • Create your own goal (e.g. hold them offside multiple times, disallow their best player to touch the ball, do not allow a shot from within the penalty area).
  • Allow players to try different positions.

Above everything else, remember at all times to keep GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP and PLAYER DEVELOPMENT as the top priorities for both you and your team. No one likes to be blown out in any given game; however, it is within these types of situations when many things about soccer can be learned and accomplished. It is up to YOU to recognize when these times occur and how best to utilize your coaching resources. Balancing out a blowout in proper fashion makes for a much more enjoyable game.

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